Fastly edge compute explained

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Fastly (FSLY) has experienced an incredible run over the past several weeks. In this post author will spend time examining how Fastly has approached building new technologies in the past and what this might mean for their future edge compute offering. By

Modern internet has new requirements

_Source: Fastly Q1 2020 Investor Deck,

Since its founding, there has been something different about Fastly’s mind set. The Fastly team has a trait ingrained in their DNA to address hard technical problems with innovative and often more difficult solutions, with the goal to create a better experience for their customers. This was applied to the CDN business originally and is now manifesting in the design of a fast, compact, secure, globally distributed serverless compute platform.

The article is divided into:

  • Applied to network design
  • Distributed compute
  • Cloud vendor competition
  • Other Independents

Fastly’s solution for this distributed compute is called Compute@Edge and was announced in November 2019. “Edge compute” is really about providing a development environment for enabling large-scale, coordination-free distributed systems. These can run autonomously, anywhere outside of the origin. Providing the development platform to enable this type of distributed compute is Fastly’s vision for Compute@Edge. You will also get loads of links to further reading. Good read!

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