Exploring an Apache Kafka to Pub/Sub migration: Major considerations

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In many cases, Google’s Pub/Sub messaging and event distribution service can successfully replace Apache Kafka, with lower maintenance and operational costs, and better integration with other Google Cloud services. By Leonid Yankulin.

The fastest way to migrate a business application into Google Cloud is to use the lift and shift strategy—and part of that transition is migrating any OSS, or third-party services that the application uses. But sometimes it can be more efficient and beneficial to leverage Google Cloud services instead.

The article deals with the following (in detail):

  • Pub/Sub key advantages
    • Zero maintenance costs
    • A push mechanism
    • Integrated logging and monitoring, and more …
  • Key differences affecting migration decisions
    • If you use exactly-once message delivery
    • If you consume messages that were published longer than seven days ago
    • If you use log compaction, random message access or message deletion
    • If you use keyed message ordering

Further reading and resources also included. Great job!

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