Expanding Service Mesh with Terminating Gateways

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HashiCorp Consul 1.8 introduced two new features which ease the process of adopting a service mesh, terminating gateways and ingress gateways. In this blog we will discuss what a terminating gateway is, and how it can benefit organizations as they migrate applications into a hybrid service mesh. By Blake Covarrubias.

Many large enterprises typically have many applications and services running across multiple, geographically diverse datacenters on multiple compute infrastructure platforms such as bare metal, mainframes, virtual machines, or containers. Organizations typically adopt a service mesh to gain a common set of networking capabilities across these disparate environments.

Terminating gateways provide a way to extend the service mesh connectivity to applications or services which exist outside the mesh environment. They act as egress proxies which participate in the service mesh, and provide connectivity to one or more external destinations.


Terminating gateway

Source: @hashicorp https://www.hashicorp.com/blog/expanding-service-mesh-with-terminating-gateways/

The content is split into:

  • Service mesh primer
  • How Terminating Gateways work
  • Multi-DC mesh expansion

Terminating gateways enable enterprises to realize the benefits of a service mesh while still retaining the ability to securely communicate with external systems outside the mesh environment using a consistent network and security model. Great read!

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