Empowering students to develop an Agile mindset

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Fostering collaboration in the classroom is vital in preparing our students for life. Working in groups can be challenging, which is why implementing an agility framework can become a powerful tool. Developing an agile mindset will empower students to take ownership of their learning while developing social-emotional and critical thinking skills. By Greta Sandler.

Students team agreements board

Source: https://www.iste.org/explore/empowering-students-develop-agile-mindset

Let’s take a look at the steps to implement an agile framework in the classroom:

  • Grouping students
  • Team agreements
  • Sprint (learning progress)
  • Sprint review (reflection time)
  • Retrospective

Before the groups engage in the project, it’s essential to start building trusting relationships among team members by establishing team agreements. Each team should create its Definition of Fun (DoF). By DoF, the teams in your classroom are simply agreeing on what their needs are in order to enjoy learning and working together. Examples might be sharing creative ideas or respecting each other. This promotes safer learning environments and helps develop stronger teams. Very interesting for anybody devoted to edtech!

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