DynamoDB checklist

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DynamoDB is the leading serverless database in the AWS suite of offerings. It provides an easy to configure, high-performance, NoSQL database with low operational overhead and almost endless scalability. By SenseDeep.

DynamoDB appeals to developers requiring a simple serverless database and those requiring the utmost in scalability. However, DynamoDB can be used effectively for almost any OLTP application regardless of scale.

In single-table designs, one database table serves the entire application and holds multiple different application entities. This design pattern offers greater performance by reducing the number of requests required to retrieve information and lowers operational overhead. It also greatly simplifies the changing and evolving of your DynamoDB designs by uncoupling the entity key fields and attributes from the physical table structure.

The article then covers checklists for:

  • Why Single Table?
  • Preparation
  • Data modeling
  • Indexes
  • Data organization
  • Libraries and tooling
  • Coding
  • Performance
  • Infrastructure
  • Migrations
  • Billing
  • Cost control

DynamoDB is a great NoSQL database that comes with a steep learning curve. Folks migrating from SQL often have a hard time adjusting to the NoSQL paradigm and especially to DynamoDB which offers exceptional scalability but with a fairly low-level API. Great one!

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