DuckDuckGo vs. Google: An in-depth search engine comparison

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Which search engine is better at finding the information you want, fast? We compare the features of DuckDuckGo and Google. By Sam Hollingsworth.

Google has grown into the dominant search engine that searchers rely on in almost every instance (at least in the United States), and let’s be honest - it’s for good reason.

The quality and depth of the results Google produces is what we’ve come to expect from the search experience.

But competitors are always going to be vying for search market share. Some of these alternative search engines are worth using, especially those that don’t fit the mold that Google made.

The article then dives in comparing search features, pros and cons of each search engine.

A staple of its foundation, DuckDuckGo preaches its desire to not track any information of its users or their searches and prides itself on offering the most private search engine on the market.

DuckDuckGo only owned .22% of the total search market share in 2017, which is less than Ask, Yandex, Baidu, and all three “major players” in the United States (Google, Bing, and Yahoo). This means there is room for a lot of growth, but it needs to sustain its increasing popularity for years to come to gain significant market share. Interesting read.

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