Distributed teams are helping startups scale faster

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An article by Alexandre Lazarow about a broader trend – the growing trend of a distributed workforce model.More startups are using a distributed workforce model earlier in their lifecycle.

Mary Meeker’s latest Internet Trends Report shows for instance that 5% of the American labor force works remotely (nearly double the 3% in 2000), representing over 8 million Americans. Astoundingly, nearly 50% of the US workforce has spent at least some time working remotely.

The article dives into:

  • What ‘distributed’ means
  • Diversifying the talent pool
  • The labor cost advantage
  • More integrated, not less

Distribution refers to an organization where the team is dispersed across multiple locations. For startups, that might mean the technology development team and sales teams are in different geographies. Some startups choose to go a step further by becoming remote, where they may not have formal offices. Nice one!

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