Difference between Personal Kanban and the Personal Agility System?

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It may surprise you, but I was doing Personal Kanban before I created PAS. I then tried using Scrum on my life; that was closer to what I needed, but Scrum didn’t really solve my challenges either. So my “personal Scrum” evolved and became “my personal Agility” and eventually, The Personal Agility System™. By Peter Stevens.

No plan for the day survives the first call from a customer!

Larry Pakieser

In Personal Kanban, you write your options on cards. Then look at your options, and reflect on the complexity of each task, what relationships are involved, when things are expected, etc. Fill up your “Doing” column, while respecting the work in progress (“WIP”) limit. In the examples, the WIP limit was set to three, which means that only three tasks may be in progress at a time. Other tasks have to wait until one of them is completed.

The article deals with:

  • What do PAS and Personal Kanban have in common?
  • Personal Agility is about you and who you want to become
  • The Personal Agility Attitude
  • Dealing with Distractions and Interruptions
  • What are the key differences

In Personal Agility, the basic idea is to be aware of how what you are doing relates to what you care about. When deciding how to spend your time, be clear on what matters and why. The weekly “Celebrate and Choose” lets you to reflect on what you’ve accomplished – it is probably different that what you expected, but you pat yourself on the back anyway – and to choose items that serve a purpose that matters. Interesting read!

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