DevOps vs SRE – Enabling efficiency and resiliency

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Two hot job titles that were not around or mainstream several years ago are DevOps and site reliability engineers. What can feel like DevOps engineers are a catch all around engineering efficiency, system administration, and release management tend to have oddly broad job descriptions. Site reliability engineers, on the other hand, have a more defined focus but a broad scope in the organization with the teams they support. By Ravi Lachhman.

Not to fall into the eponym of “CI/CD” while saying “DevOps/SRE”, understanding the overlap and differences between the two skill sets and organizations is important. We are people and we as people design systems. Looking at DevOps team structures, DevOps teams are focused on breaking down silos that were created by Conway’s Law.

These silos that are institutional are barriers in engineering efficiency; two or more sets of people to get features across the line with separate goals.

The article main bits:

  • Conway’s Law at Play
  • Two different problem sets
  • DevOps vs SRE concern table
  • DevOps and SRE, better together

SRE wise, providing baseline comparison coverage can be difficult; the first steps of establishing an SRE organization are SLA/SLO management and proper baselines are needed. Good read!

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