Developing Gatsby sites using Nx

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Nx is a suite of powerful, extensible dev tools that help you develop, test, build, and scale with React and React frameworks like Gatsby, Next.js, React Native, etc. Co-authored by Max Koretskyi, Victor Savkin & Juri Strumpflohner.

Nx has high-quality VSCode and GitHub plugins to provide a more integrated dev experience. It also have a powerful build system that uses distributed computation caching to reduce build and test times.

Although Nx works just as well with plain React, Next.js or React Native, this blog post focuses on Gatsby. Here’s what we’ll explore in this article:

  • Creating a new Nx workspace
  • Generating new Gatsby and React applications
  • Generating and using a shared library of UI components
  • How code change analysis, computation cache, and other features of Nx

You will learn how to start with an empty Nx workspace and add a new Gatsby application. Then serve, build, and test your application. Also, how to seamlessly generate new pages and components. You then add a second application written in React, and share some UI components between the two applications. The video tutorial is also available and link provided. Good article!

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