Crypto Tools for DevOps: git-crypt

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Eric Mann’s short and sweet article about crypto tools for DevOps – help explain a specific utility that empowers developers to keep credentials and the code that uses them in the same place.

Managing credentials securely with end-to-end encryption utilities helps development teams to avoid embarrassing data leaks while sharing passwords among themselves or with deployment environments.

The biggest advantage of git-crypt is that private data and public data can live in the same location. This means any developer can clone your repository, but only permitted developers can decrypt and utilize the information protected within it. git-crypt is a fantastic utility that allows us to keep all of our data in the same spot and automically control who (or what) has access to secrets’ plain text.

On its own, git-crypt is merely an encrypted storage system for secrets. It’s incredibly useful for keeping secrets alongside the code that uses them. It also enables fine-grained access control through specific GPG keys.

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