Creating true fluid web typography to improve our processes

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Responsive web design has been a must-have skill for front-end developers for many years now, but creating a truly fluid interface and giving users a seamless experience across any device still poses a lot of challenges for designers and developers alike. By Razvan Onofrei.

The web is a wonderful medium, buzzing with information and connections. The web is also a very dynamic, interactive medium that, unlike the printed page, can and will be accessed from all sorts of devices. Web users get to easily adapt the web to their daily lives, making it part of their existence.

The article main sections are:

  • A brief history, considerations for various patterns for solving different layout or UX challenges
  • The first steps forward: breakpoints and media queries
  • Giving it a shot: intermediate breakpoints
  • Responsive typography
  • Pushing the boundaries
  • We found a solution that fits our needs

Plenty of useful information for anybody invested in the front design and typography. Nice one!

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