Conversational AI updates that help you build sophisticated and personalized experiences

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Now, more than ever, developers need to respond to the rapidly increasing demand from customers for support and accurate information - meeting them where they are – any time of the day and on an expanding range of platforms and devices. Azure AI has met unprecedented demand, underpinning over 1500 Covid-19 related bots via the Microsoft Health Bot service alone, in addition to the over 1.25 billion messages per month already handled by Azure Bot Service. By GaryPrettyMsft.

Bot Framework Composer is a new open source, visual authoring canvas for developers to design and build conversational experiences. Composer focuses the bot creation process more on conversation design and less on the scaffolding required to begin building awesome bots. Composer easily brings together the common components required to build bots such as the ability to define Language Understanding models, integrate with QnA Maker and build sophisticated composition of bot replies using Language Generation.

Composer also supports building Bot Framework Skills (bots that can perform a set of tasks for another bot allowing for re-usability and componentising bot solutions as their complexity and surface area increases. Skills built with Composer can be consumed by other bots built with Composer or using the Bot Framework SDK, as well as from Power Virtual Agents.

Azure Cognitive Services brings AI within reach of every developer—without requiring machine-learning expertise. At Build 2020, we made several announcements related to new features and improvements across the Cognitive Services used within the Conversational AI eco-system. Nice one!

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