Containers versus serverless computing

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Michael Churchman from Rancher Labs nice blog post in which he takes a look at what you need to know about serverless computing, and how it should figure into your IT strategy. Serverless computing is a hot topic right now - this article should help you to answer common questions like: Is serverless computing a replacement for containers? Or is it just another popular technology that can be used alongside containers?

Serverless computing of the type represented by AWS Lambda can be an extremely valuable resource, and if it isn’t already part of your DevOps delivery chain, it probably should be.Serverless computing is very well suited to a variety of tasks, but it is far from being an all-around substitute for deploying and managing your own containers.

Author then describes:

  • How serverless works
  • What serverless computing does well
  • Serverless use cases
  • What containers can do better
  • What are the limists

And more in the article. Give it a go!

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