Composability: The future of innovation

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In recent years there has been a constant stream of software architecture movements: microservices, API-led connectivity, event driven architecture, composable enterprise, automation, and data mesh.¬†We’re going to address how these trends can be positioned in a broader innovation strategy. By Jeroen Reizevoort.

The article deals with:

  • Essential and accidental complexity
  • Building-block technologies
  • People, process, and technology
  • From projects to products

To be agile at scale, these building blocks will need ownership, consistent builds and design, to be discoverable for reuse, and to be secure and monitored.

That is where the concept of digital products comes in. The building blocks that are created should be managed as products. This concept is one of the foundations for the microservices world; in BizDevOps small teams of business, developers and operations people own the complete lifecycle of a microservice.

Innovation is top-of-mind, and businesses seek opportunities to increase customer, partner, and employee experiences. But they have to do that in labor shortages and economic headwinds. That requires organizations to do more with less. Good read!

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