Code refactoring in Java: Tips, best practices, techniques

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Java Code refactoring is the practice of restructuring and improving existing code by making small incremental changes that do not impact the external behavior of the code. Code refactoring involves changing the internal structure of the code to improve readability, performance, maintainability, and efficiency without breaking the code’s functionality. By Digma.

Authors also consider:

  • Java code refactoring techniques
  • Renaming variables and methods
  • Extract method
  • Remove magic numbers and strings
  • Code de-duplication
  • Simplify methods
  • Red-green refactoring
  • 13 code refactoring best practices

Choosing meaningful variable and method names is key to making your code more readable. Code readability is arguably one of the most important aspects of any good codebase. Readable code clearly communicates the intent to the reader, while less readable code increases the likelihood of bugs during refactoring. Nice one!

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