Building the Enterprise Knowledge Graph

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Over the years, enterprises have leveraged many generations of knowledge management products in order to retain and reuse knowledge across the enterprise, prevent re-inventing the wheel and improve productivity. By Henry Ball, Solutions Engineer, Neo4j.

Retainment and reuse of institutional expertise is the holy grail of knowledge management. Enterprise knowledge graph, coupled with AI/ML-based predictive capabilities, is the future of knowledge management technology.

This is a vast improvement over current knowledge management implementations. Graph technology helps connect discrete pieces of information together with the right context, providing extremely fast and flexible querying capabilities.

Knowledge Graph example data model


The content of the article:

  • Why Build an Enterprise Knowledge Graph
  • The Hidden Wealth of Data Collected by Enterprise Apps
  • Implementation of a Knowledge Graph
  • Connecting to the Google Drive API
  • Document Extraction
  • Document Ingestion
  • Extending the Data Model

Hopefully, this article gets you thinking about what kind of insights a knowledge graph might uncover for your organization. Great read!

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