Buildah - build your containers from the ground up!

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Tom Sweeney from Project Atomic wrote an article about the Buildah tool for building Open Container Initiative (OCI) complaint container images. The tool requires golang. The buildah package provides a command line tool which can be used to (amongts other):

  • Create a working container, either from scratch or using an image as a starting point
  • Create an image, either from a working container or via the instructions in a Dockerfile
  • Images can be built in either the OCI image format or the traditional upstream docker image format
  • Mount a working container’s root filesystem for manipulation

Buildah simplifies the process of creating, building and updating images while decreasing the learning curve of the container environment. What’s really neat is there is no requirement for a container runtime daemon to be running on your system chewing up resources and complicating the build process.

As usually article sports command line examples for building and playing with container images.

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