Build a secure e-commerce app with SuperTokens and Hasura GraphQL

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This tutorial will show you how to develop a secure e-commerce store using SuperTokens authentication in a React.js app. We’ll use a modern stack that includes React, Hasura GraphQL, and SuperTokens. By Ankur Tyagi.

SuperTokens is an open-source AuthO alternative that allows you to set up authentication in less than 30 minutes.

The source code for the App we’re working on is available to view in this GitHub repo. SuperTokens provides authentication, and Hasura exposes a single GraphQL endpoint that you use on the frontend to send GraphQL queries and access data. Because it is a public API by default, SuperTokens will make it secure or private.

The article then dives into:

  • What is SuperTokens?
  • Why use SuperTokens?
  • What is Hasura?
  • Create a managed service with SuperTokens

The article contains all the code needed for React frontend and database implementation together with screengrabs for better understanding. You will integrate SuperTokens with Hasura. Tokens generated from SuperTokens will be sent from the UI side in request headers to Hasura, where they will be validated. Nice one!

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