Blending old and new ways of working to drive digital value

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By adopting agile ways of working, startups as well as established companies have successfully brought customer-centric digital initiatives to market. By Lars Marquardt, Jan-Philipp Martini, Georg Kappen, and Carsten Schaetzberger.

Digital leaders are now being asked to repeat this success with more complex, business-centric, transformative initiatives.

The dilemma is this: Digital teams can use agile ways of working to build customer-centric solutions because they are vertically adjacent to the core processes. Transformative initiatives, however, run horizontally across the value chain and must integrate with the core. Digital teams, therefore, are less free to use agile ways of working with such initiatives because they cannot ignore existing corporate processes and systems.

To meet senior leaders’ high expectations and achieve horizontal digitalization, leaders need to combine the agile ways of working used by startups with traditional, more rigid, corporate ways of working. Excellent read!

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