The benefits and trade-offs of going serverless

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Ovie Okeh is the author of this article on about a journey from monolithic apps running on a server to flexible units running on ephemeral instances. So why is the serverless popular? What does the term serverless mean?

All serverless means is that you can ship code to your users without having to worry about the underlying architecture required to run it. There is still a server running your code somewhere, but you don’t have to worry about setting it up or managing it. Serverless in a nutshell: “Let someone else be your DevOps team.

The article then make discovery on:

  • Servers and why you need one
  • The gross inefficiency of a traditional server
  • Benefits of a serverless architecture
  • Trakkr on serverless (case study)
  • Trade-offs of going serverless
  • Should you switch to a Serverless architecture?

The decision to adopt an architecture should not be based on a single article. However, the aim of this section is to provide you some of the questions you should be asking if you’re considering adopting a serverless architecture. Excellent!

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