Be effective with Bitrise CI for Android — the lessons learned the hard way

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I’m pretty sure we can all agree on how CI tools support our day to day effectiveness. How they might save dozens of hours spent on non-essential tasks. Yet, it’s common to present CI tools as a hassle; slow, bulky, and unreliable pipelines bloated with chaotic events instead of fast, maintainable feedback loop configured to support both product quality and team flexibility. By Maciej Malak.

In this article, you will find discussion surrounding architecture, flavour agnostic unit testing, Gradle usage as well as keeping your logs and artefacts deployment in order. Additionally, at the end of the article, several tips and tricks beyond optimisation will be included.

The article main bits:

  • The landscape
  • Unit testing
  • Flavour agnostic unit tests
  • Flavour dependent unit tests
  • Artefacts deployment
  • Automation workflow
  • Investigating tools configuration
  • All numbers together
  • Tips and tricks beyond optimisations

We liked this one: Do what we haven’t done yet — introduce tools to measure build metrics automatically. Have as granular CI steps as possible. Use title attribute extensively. Greater readability — greater control over time. Solid foundations are the first step for future optimisation. Excellent advice!

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