The basics of Kubernetes networking

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Kamil Lelonek explains everything you need to know about Kubernetes networking in this article. When you deploy your application to a Kubernetes cluster, you usually want to have it accessible from the outside. For real-world production applications, one of the important questions to ask is how to get external traffic into your container.

A ClusterIP is an internally reachable IP for the Kubernetes cluster and all Services within it. For NodePort, a ClusterIP is created firstly and then all traffic is load balanced over a specified port. The NodePort itself is just an iptable rule to forward traffic on a port to a ClusterIP.

The article details:

  • Terminology – pod, node, containers, labels, service
  • NodePort
  • Ingress

In Kubernetes, an Ingress is an object that allows accessing your services from outside a cluster. Boths charts explaining the concepts and example configuration are also included. Excellent!

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