Azure Synapse Link for SQL: From production to a data warehouse in a few clicks

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The Link technology in Synapse is used to synchronize data from different data sources to Synapse Analytics. Synapse Link for CosmoDB and Synapse Link for Dataverse were already released. Now it’s time for a new and very important one: Azure Synapse Link for SQL. By Dennes Torres.

The Azure Synapse Link for SQL can be used with Azure SQL Database and SQL Server 2022 to synchronize tables using these databases as sources and a Synapse Dedicated Pool as a destination.

The article then describes in some detail:

  • Azure Synapse Link for SQL basic elements
  • Azure Synapse Link for SQL Scenarios
  • Azure Synapse Link for SQL Architecture
  • Provisioning the Azure Synapse Link for SQL
  • Additional Options

The Azure Synapse Link for SQL is not the entire way from production to a data warehouse, but it makes the ETL/ELT process way easier by synchronizing the data with the Synapse dedicated SQL Pool, relieving the production environment from further ETL workload, and allowing you to proceed from this point with the transformation of the data for the data warehouse. Nice one!

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