Authenticating Vuepress apps with Auth0

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Learn how to create your first VuePress site and add Authentication with Auth0. By Fikayo Adepoju.

Vuepress is a static site generator that was initially developed privately for the documentation needs of the Vue.js framework. It was later made public for anyone to use and optimized for writing technical documentation. Vuepress is built on Vue.js and uses markdown for writing pages, so you have the simplicity of content writing with markdown combined with the powerful capabilities of the Vue.js framework. Vuepress also comes bundled with a Vue-powered theming system and a Plugin API for extending its capabilities. In this tutorial, you will learn and demonstrate how to authenticate Vuepress sites using Auth0.

The tutorial has this main bits:

  • Prerequisites
  • Creating the Auth0 Application
  • Scaffolding the Vuepress Project
  • Setting Up Authentication with Auth0
  • Running the Application

Vuepress is an amazing tool for generating static sites with Vue.js, and in this tutorial, you have learned and demonstrated how to authenticate users on Vuepress sites. You will also find all the code needed to follow the article. Very useful!

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