Architect's guide to APIs: SOAP, REST, GraphQL, and gRPC

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There are many strategies for data exchange. Here’s a primer on four essentials. By Bob Reselman.

An architecture is wishful thinking until we understand how information is transferred across systems. That means whether you are an Application Architect or an Enterprise Architect, it’s essential that you understand the tradeoffs at hand when considering a particular method for moving information between systems.

GraphQL executes queries and mutations synchronous and messaging by way of Subscriptions asynchronously

_Source: The article tries to explain following:

  • Understanding APIs as data exchange
  • SOAP
  • The Structure of a SOAP Message
  • Specifying Behavior in SOAP
  • REST
  • GraphQL
  • gRPC
  • Which API format is for you?

Choosing the right API format for an enterprise architecture is a big decision. The choice will determine how the architecture works and the talent and budget that will be needed to implement and maintain the application through its lifetime. Nice one!

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