Angular v15 is now available!

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Over the past year developers removed Angular’s legacy compiler and rendering pipeline which enabled the development of a series of developer experience improvements in the past couple of months. Angular v15 is the culmination of this with dozens of refinements which lead to better developer experience and performance. By Minko Gechev.

Article captures the details of the latest changes:

  • Standalone APIs are now our of developer preview!
  • Router and HttpClient tree-shakable standalone APIs
  • Directive composition API
  • Image directive is now stable!
  • Functional router guards
  • Router unwraps default imports
  • Better stack traces
  • Release MDC-based components to stable
  • More improvements in components
  • Automatic imports in language service

… and more. The launch of Ivy in 2020 enabled a lot of improvements across the board that you can find already rolling out. Optional NgModules is a great example. It helps with reduction of the concepts beginners need to deal with as part of their critical learning journey and also supports advanced features such as directive composition API via standalone directives. Nice one!

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