Angular platforms in depth. Rendering Angular applications in terminal

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The Angular framework was designed with flexibility in mind. That approach allows Angular applications to be executed across different environments — browser, server, web-worker, and even mobile devices are possible. Written by Nikita Poltoratsky, a Solution Architect at Akveo, open-source contributor and tech author.

In this series of articles, author reveals to you how does it even possible – execute Angular applications across different environments. Also, we will learn how to build custom Angular platform which renders applications inside the system’s terminal using ASCII graphics.

The article is split into these parts:

  • Renderer
  • Sanitizer
  • Error handling
  • Terminal module
  • Platform terminal
  • Building terminal application

You will get a custom platform creation process overview and learn about crucial Angular services and modules. Finally, you will build custom platform which renders Angular applications inside the system’s terminal using ASCII graphics!

And also yoou will get access to the repository with all the source files related to the Terminal platform.. Nice one!

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