8 console API functions other than console.log()

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An in-depth guide to some important console API functions other than console.log. By Deepak Gupta.

The Console API’s most commonly used method is undoubtedly console.log. However, it also comes with several other useful methods that can improve our debugging efficiency.

The article describes some other interesting methods:

  • console.table(data[, properties])
  • console.group(label) & console.groupEnd(label)
  • console.dir(object) & console.dirxml(object)
  • console.profile([, label]) & console.profileEnd([, label])
  • console.time([, label]) & console.timeEnd([, label])

… and more. All described here methods are available in NodeJS as of version 10.0.0 and in almost every major browser. For the rest the link to original article. Nicely put together!

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