7 Best Gnome system monitor alternative Linux applications

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It is not very difficult to find some best alternative to Gnome system monitor application that comes out of the box with Gnome desktop environments such as in Ubuntu operating systems. Hence, here are some. By Heyan Maurya.

Tools to check out Linux hardware performance presented in the below list contains both GUI and CLI (command line) ones for the terminal to provide detailed hardware and performance data in text mode or graphically.

The article capture and describes these tools:

  • Stacer - Linux system optimizer and application monitor
  • htop - Linux process and resource viewer
  • xfce - task manager
  • Conky - system monitor
  • Monitorix - web interface Linux system monitor
  • KDE System Guard - KSysGuard

After Glances, Monitorix one is another Gnome system monitor substitute that supports a web interface to give a view of the Linux process and hardware resources. Such monitoring software is a good option for command-line Linux servers, especially with a limited amount of hardware resources such as Raspberry pi. Monitorix can score where tools like Grafana or Munin are overdone. Good read!

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