3 strategies for migrating from Wordpress to JAMstack

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Brian Rinaldi published this article in which he describes the strategies for migration to JAMstack from an existing CMS architecture.

First the bad news: migrations are painful. Not “can be”, they are. That doesn’t mean they aren’t worth it. They definitely can be, and the JAMstack offers some major benefits on things like cost, speed and security (to name a few) that can make it worth the effort.

The main parts of the article:

  • Some things to consider
  • Use the Wordpress REST API
  • Export content to flat files
  • Import Content to a Headless CMS

Each option is explained in detail and there is plenty of code examples included. You’ll likely want to explore how you can leverage serverless functions to handle some of the dynamic functionality that was once likely handled by some form of plugin. Now, nothing will stop your migration. Well done!

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