The 15 coding languages with the highest salaries, and how to learn them online at no cost

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Marguerite Ward wrote this piece about monetary evaluation of various jobs using different programming languages. If you’re self-isolating and have extra time on your hands, or if you recently became unemployed and are looking to gain an in-demand skill, learning how to code could help your career.

While some hiring managers don’t require a job applicant know a specific coding language (the coding skills are often transferable across languages), it does help to know which languages are associated with the highest-paying jobs.

According to jobs site, the two most in-demand jobs of 2020 are software architect and full-stack developer, both of which require a proficiency in coding.

Tech company HackerRank polled over 116,000 software engineers to find out which languages are associated with the highest salary.

From C++ and Python to Ruby and Perl, here are the top 15 coding languages associated with the highest salaries worldwide, along with online courses to learn them. Have a read to find the best paying programming language!

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