Running scaled retrospectives

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A scaled retrospective provides the chance to expand scope of improvements beyond the individual team. By Colleen Johnson.

A scaled retrospective is meeting where multiple teams come together to identify critical organizational improvements and create a viable method for delivering and tracking them to completion.

Retrospectives are a chance for a team to come together to reflect on how they are working and identify small adjustments that will improve their practices.

The main content in the article:

  • Running scaled retrospectives
  • Phase one: review individual team data
  • Phase two: create a shared understanding
  • Phase three: vote as a team
  • Phase four: break down improvements
  • Facilitation tips

Scaled retrospectives are powerful opportunity for an organization to gather feedback and respond to the needs of the teams. The team-s ability to address issues outside of their sphere of influence is constrained by the lack of opportunity to come together in place where it is shared and discussed. Great!

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