Five things to do when you've got too much on your plate

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I guess we’ve all been there sometimes – waking up in the morning, tired of the very thought of the day ahead of us, still exhausted from yesterdays’ chores. Our already low levels of energy pop like a balloon when we visualize our very first errand and a seemingly never ending list of tasks waiting to be finished. By Rebecca Brown.

You need to reset some things in your life to regain the balance. Here are the five essential things to begin with:

  • Reconnect with your authentic self
  • Re-evaluate and prioritize
  • Delegate and share responsibilities
  • Learn to say no
  • Ask for professional support

Along with learning to say “no” you should consider learning how to identify the tasks you can delegate or share responsibilities for. Learning when and how to say “no” is one of the tougher lessons one has to learn, but it’s vital for keeping balance in life. It is especially difficult when you have to say no to the things and people worthy of your time and effort. Really liked it!

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